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Geology displayA special exhibition of the geology of High Cup Nick and the surrounding local area has been put together with the help of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership and is housed permanently at the winery. The display includes interpretational and explanatory panels describing the geology, all illustrated with exhibits of rocks and fossils from the area. The display is open at the normal winery opening times.

This year the display has been expanded to include more information on the oldest rocks which lie along the Pennine escarpment and underlie the winery and surrounding area - the so-called Cross Fell Inlier. We now have on display an impressive three-dimensional model of the area constructed by Elizabeth McIntyre.

We also have available a range of North Pennines AONB Partnership publications including the following which have just been published:

Geology and Landscape around Dufton - an illustrated 6 km geological walk around Dufton Pike.

Reading The Rocks - a guide to the geology of the North Pennines by Dr Elizabeth Pickett. Price £8.00